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The Jazzrascals have taken a long term break to work on individual projects. In the meantime they've asked the Mediachrome design team to rebuild the site and make it as accessible as possible.

Meanwhile, scruffy Jim has a new project: James Bisset: Fiftieth Anniversary Edition


The Jazzrascals are currently polishing off a dance mix of 'Whistle to Blow' by Fallen Horses who are currently on a major promotional pitch. some delay in finishing the track because nobody can decide whether to include whistles!


The Jazzrascals are currently in the studio recording a new track (working title 'Twist') to accompany a web video. If all the permissions get sorted out, we'll try and get it on this site.


Apparently the new album is well on its way, with at least half a dozen tracks somewhere in the Production Mill. As soon as they find the tapes etc... The band are keen to get early mixes up on the site so check that music button often!


Chaos in New Jersey ensued when an over-enthusiastic fan tried to get hold of P.Funkin's Jazzrascals tour jacket during a late night promo at Smarts. He was wearing it at the time. Massive Mick, tech and sometime bodyguard, had the poor girl in an armlock before she could say ouch! Still, a drink with the band and a complimentary 'Donkeys on Dance' CD smoothed the troubled waters.


Thanks for all your comments on the site :) Yes - we'll try and keep it personal, but not that personal, Ruth.


Mediachrome launches the all new Jazzrascals web site. The site uses Quicktime extensively for audio, video and navigation. With luck we'll get the Jazzrascals out of the studio long enough to do an interview or something.

Let us know if you like the site or have any problems with it. Email and we'll pass them on (or hide them under the bed).

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